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About us

Factux helps you save time and money by facilitating efficient payment management.

If you want to start your own business or already have one, having a tool that enables effective daily management is crucial

When you're drowning in a sea of invoices, paid collections, payment reminders, and those mundane yet necessary tasks, and an Excel spreadsheet is no longer sufficient, it's time to use a system that can assist you with all of this

I went through that too; I faced all those problems. That's why I created FACTUX, a system that will assist you with all these tasks, so you can have more time to focus on what truly matters for your business, and avoid sinking in the process.

Factux is:

  • Invoice management, budgeting, credit notes, and up-to-date collections.
  • Management of reminders for late payers.
  • Easy document delivery to your accountant.
  • Quick and timely assistance in your language 24/7/365.


Specifically, what does Factux offer you?

Unpaid bills

Clients not paying your invoices is a thing of the past, using factux you can reduce this!

Accounting Documents

Management of all essential documents: budgets, invoices, credit notes, customer lists, collection management, payment/collection reminders, ...


A clear view of your business with statistics that will help you make better decisions for the successful development of your business.


All documents with your business's corporate image, logo, colors, styles, and everything that identifies you and makes you unique.

Unity makes strength.

Give access to other individuals (e.g., an accountant) or businesses to your system, allowing you to grant them permission to view only what you choose, maintaining full control.


Factux offers an API for seamless integration with other systems if needed, making it easy and secure to share your documents with clients and suppliers.

Why work with us?

If I had 30 days to chop down a tree, I would spend 29 days sharpening my axe.

We provide you with a user-friendly tool in your language for managing your business. It offers a clear view of your evolution over time.

Selling is good, but getting paid is better

A tool that assists you in managing your sales, collections, and dealing with delinquent payers.

Project management

A simple and complete management of expenses and income separated by projects.

24/7 Support

Support that understands your needs

Want us to call you?

If you want a demonstration before making a decision, leave us your phone number and we will call you to make an appointment, either in our offices, yours or via video conference.

Si tu empresa tiene menos de un año,
esto puede interesarte.

Factux quiere dar la oportunidad a las empresas a desarollarse brindandoles todo su apoyo y expenciencia si tu empresa tiene menos de 12 meses de existencia puedes aprobechar esta oportunidad para tener Factux GRATIS

Si GRATIS, puedes tener Factux gratis por un periodo de 18 meses, después de los cuales eres libre de seguir con nosotros en un plan pagado o puedes exportar todos tus datos y documentos para usarlos en otra plataforma o sistema de tu conveniencia sin ningun costo adicional por la exportación de tus datos

Si deseas aplicar para la liencia GRATIS, contactános

No tienes tiempo para ocuparte de tus facturas? esta puede ser una solución para ti.

Cuando eres independeinte el tiempo es algo que desearias comprar si se pudiera, dia de 100 horas o más, lastima que no lo vendan en el supermercado, pero no pierdas esperanza aún hay forma de comprarlo

Factux te puede ayudar en tu gestión diara de tu negocio: creación de presupuestos, facturas, notas de crédito, envio de las mismas a tus cliente, control de pagos y cobros, envio de recordatorios (rappels) a los malos pagadores en fin, todo lo que no tienes tiempo de hacer o no quieres hacer

Te interesa este servicio? contactanos.


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Frequent questions

If you don't find an appropriate answer, you can enter our blog.

  • Yes, at any time you can change from one plan to another without additional payment

  • Yes, we can also help you with that, it has a symbolic cost

  • Yes, that is a not very complicated task to carry out as long as the system you are currently using allows it, contact us to find out if it is possible

  • Yes, of course, you can see that the system is intuitive, it will take you very little time to get used to it

  • Factux is multi-language, you can currently use it in: English, French (Belgium), Dutch (Belgium), Spanish,

  • Yes, of course there is no problem

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